Today, Patriot Home Sales, Inc. is proud to offer Modular Homes that require the least amount of on-site finish work on the market. Our homes are designed using revolutionary engineering and transportation ideas that allow for a “Complete Home” concept.

     Patriot Home Sales, Inc. welcomes Pennwest Homes, the nation’s newest and highest quality Modular Home!

    The Complete Home concept means, complete electrical wiring throughout (Yes, including home networking for your computers), complete plumbing systems, drain line systems stubbed to the foundation, and complete heating systems. The most revolutionary of these systems is the complete heating system. Through cutting edge technologies our homes are delivered to your site with the heating/cooling ducts already fully installed and connected, no additional on-site work! And not just any ducts either. Our homes come with Extra Large graduated and insulated heat ducts. That means you no longer need to spend weeks waiting for the HVAC contractors to run ducts through narrow chasses. This same technology allows us to offer homes with truly zoned heat. You get the heat where you want it, when you want it! For more details take a look at the Pennwest Standard HVAC System design.

    Complete home systems, zoned heat, super high efficient, super quiet furnaces, and the highest grade structural materials available! What more could you ask for? Not much, but incase you came up with an answer take a look at our Standard Features list because our homes probably include that too! These industry leading designs, technologies and a state of the art construction process are brought together to form The Pennwest Advantage. Want to see it for yourself? Browse our online Sample Home Photo Tours and then take our online Pennwest Factory Tour.

    Of course not everyone can scratch out a floor plan over their lunch break. So we have selected the most popular floor plans to date and turned them into standard models. To browse our standard models (including floor plans and exterior views) please choose a style of home from the list below.

Click To View Pennwest Two Story Modular Home Floor Plans Overview

Two Story
Colonial Homes with fully finished first and second floors. Homes include everything you need, just add your own furniture and your ready to call it home.
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Click To View Pennwest Ranch Style Modular Home Floor Plans Overview

Ranch Homes
Include a fully finished single floor with various attic options, roof designs and luxrious interior ammentities available. Add your own pets and furnniture and the home of your dreams is a reality you can move into.
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Click To View Pennwest Cape-Cod Modular Home Floor Plans Overview

Cape Cod Homes

Include a fully finished first floor with all of the creature comforts you have come to love. The second floor is un-finished with exterior walls, floor insulation, floor decking, optional windows and dormers, rough plumbing and electrical hookups and openness for your own creations.
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Click To View Pennwest Pennflex Series Modular Home Floor Plans Overview

Pennflex Series Homes

Pennflex Series Modular Homes provide interchangeable floor plan building block designs. Combining various building blocks provides dynamic exterior looks with extraordinary interior spaciousness. On top of the interchangeable designs, all of the Pennflex Series floor plans are designed to be built as Ranch Style or Cape Cod Style homes.
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Click To View Our Pennwest Custom Modular Home Floor Plans Overview

Custom Designed Homes

Include a lineup of custom floor plans that Patriot Home Sales has taken on as its standard floor plans. These designs compliment the standard lineup offered by Pennwest. The purpose of this extended lineup is to give you more flexibility in your design ideas. As always we can customize any of our floor plans to your needs.
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Pennwest Homes Custom Two Story Modular Home

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