The following is an overview of the Pennwest Homes Construction Process. For a more hands on feel view the Construction Process through our Pennwest Homes Factory Tour - Photo Tour.

Pennwest Homes Manufacturering FacilityEvery home built by Pennwest Homes is built inside a controlled environment. Our employees are skilled crafts people, building homes by hand and with powerful, sophisticated tools. Our main components are assembled on specialized jigs, ensuring quality and precision. We use quality, graded lumber, and name-brand appliances, flooring, and other amenities.

Floors and Frames
Our floors are built on specialized jigs, using 2 X 10" floor joists, or engineered truss joints. Code-approved plumbing and UL-listed copper wire are run through the floor. Floor decking is both glued and mechanically fastened to create a solid, quiet floor.

Exterior Walls
All exterior walls use 2 X 6" studs on 16" centers. The walls are constructed on jigs, insulation installed in all cavities, and drywall is attached with special adhesives and mechanical fasteners. Exterior walls are finished with OSB before siding is applied.
Homes Being Built On The Pennwest Homes Production Line
Interior Walls
Our interior walls use 2 X 4" studs, placed on 16" centers. Drywall is attached with adhesives and mechanical fasteners. All drywall is then mudded and sanded multiple times for a smooth finish, then two coats of primer are applied.

Roof and Ceiling
Engineered trusses are mounted to a jig for precise placement. Ceiling drywall is attached using special adhesives, eliminating the need for nails while providing even greater stability. The ceiling you selected is primed and with a smooth finished, and the entire roof system is attached to the home, fastened to every interior and exterior wall. A blanket of insulation is blown in, decking is fastened to the trusses, and soffit ventilation is completed. Finally, shingle underlayment, sealants, and shingles are installed.

Kitchen and bath plumbing is completed as much as possible, ready for site hook-up. Electrical work is also finalized as much as possible, with the electrical panel box also ready for site hook-up. Heat and return air systems are finished. All electric, water lines, and drain systems are tested and inspected again.

Quality Finishes
A strong, well-built house is now just about structurally complete. We turn it into your home with a stunning breadth of options you'll choose, including:

Pennwest Homes Construction Process

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Pennwest Construction Process